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Let your fantasies run free, and imagine Loki! Check the FAQ page to get to know the blog or if you have questions!

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Imagine Loki

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Packless Monsters

TITLE: Packless Monsters


AUTHOR: nekoamamori

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re a werewolf who ends up in the company of Loki in the Avenger’s tower after saving Pepper’s life


NOTES/WARNINGS: Also on AO3 click here

     “Why are you so calm?” Loki asked with exasperation and pain in his voice as he was working on your wrists in the med room on the main floor. “You shouldn’t be ok with what happened… I literally hurt you. You should be mad at me, hate me, think I’m a monster…”

    “Loki, I have dealt with this literally my entire life. Werewolves are volatile and moreso when something triggers awful memories like what happened to you. I’m an Omega. One of my jobs is to walk wolves down from the killing edge when they’re lost to the memories of soul wounds. I remember being five and having the scariest biker dude you have ever laid eyes on bawling his eyes out in my lap because he was having flashbacks of a war from over 200 years ago. I have been doing this since I was five, so I know exactly what that was upstairs and I know how to walk a dominate down from the killing edge when they’re lost to those memories. I also know it wasn’t your fault,” you reminded him, reassurin g him again. He leaned over and kissed your forehead.

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Imagine tossing and turning at night and not being able to fall asleep. You know you either will very likely wake Loki up, or have already.

After nearly forty-five minutes of your fidgeting, you let out an involuntary squeak as you feel him pulling you closer to him. “Shh… Stop squirming.”


Loki gently shushes you once more and runs his fingers gently through your hair to soothe you. “Go to sleep.”

Monsters and Magic

TITLE: Monsters and Magic


AUTHOR: nekoamamori

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re a vampire who helps the Avengers defeat an evil seethe of other vampires, and Loki befriends you after you end up in their custody

RATING: T (so far)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Also on AO3 click here

     You, Bucky, and the raven on your shoulder made the long trek back to the Hydra a gents. The snow was deep, but you could follow Bucky’s tracks from the way out on your way back. “Oh, Loki, sorry, I forgot proper introductions. This is Bucky. He was one of Cap’s friends when they were growing up and got kidnapped by Hydra right after Cap got his powers. He’s as warm as your idiot brother and as physically and mentally unappealing-” ‘Loki’ was a forbidden word, but they couldn’t stop you from using it.

    “Hey!” Bucky protested, the image of an annoyed older brother, which is exactly the reaction you were trying to get out of him. You did not want Loki jealous of him. That wouldn’t help anything and there was nothing for him to be jealous about.

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Trigger warning: Rape

Imagine Loki is a rape demon. When summoned, he takes his energy and power from the orgasms of his victims. 

Loki and the Witchling

TITLE: Loki and the Witchling 


AUTHOR: nekoamamori

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you’re a healer working with the Avengers when Loki comes to join the team

RATING: T (so far) 

NOTES/WARNINGS: Gunman in the school in the last line of the chapter

Also on AO3 click here

    Thankfully it was a short drive to the school. You and Peter had to share the backseat of the car and if he shot you one more adoring puppy-dog look you were going to kick his ass before Loki had the chance. Just because you’d saved his life didn’t mean he needed to be an adoring puppy about it. You might have been a bit defensive without your powers. Just a bit…

    When Happy pulled up to the school, Loki was out of the car first and almost instantly at your car door to open it for you. You had expected nothing less, so you hadn’t even bothered to try to open it for yourself. He held the door open and offered you a hand. You took it and let him help you from the car. You grabbed your bag and books and walked into the school, a little nervous at the attention Loki was getting. Loki pretended not to notice. He was walking with you, one step behind, acting for all the world like a perfect bodyguard.

    “Isn’t that Loki, the guy who tried to take over the world?”

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We Bleed the same

TITLE: We Bleed the Same


AUTHOR: turniptitaness

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you and Loki made a blood pact with each other as children. Ever since, you’ve had a telepathic connection. Now, even though he avoids you, you can still sense what he’s feeling.

RATING: Everyone (So far)

NOTES/WARNINGS: Yikes, I thought I’d submitted this chapter like 5 days ago, sorry! Well, here it is, and I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This fic is going to end up being about twice as long as I anticipated, but hopefully none of you lovely readers hate me for that!


Hot. It was so hot. Sigrunn woke up, gasping, and stumbled out of bed. Where was this heat coming from? She wiped her forehead, expecting it to be drenched in sweat, but to her surprise it felt cool and dry under her fingertips. She wanted to ponder this, but her sleep-addled mind couldn’t think beyond her raging thirst. She poured herself a glass of water from the basin near the window and gulped it down, quickly following it with a second glass, but they didn’t have any effect.

A flare of panic lighted in Sigrunn’s brain. Was she ill? Would she die here in this room, all alone? She paced miserably, the combination of fear and discomfort making it all but impossible to think. She began taking long, deep breaths, shutting her eyes and trying to regain control.

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Anonymous: Can I make a request for a Loki X Reader fic based off of “That Would Be Enough” from Hamilton?
Anonymous: Well they both say “Keep Reading” and I know that is not normal. But I continued on, but when I press keep reading it doesn’t allow me. So then I just used the hashtag of the story, but they both brought me to Packless Monster.

There must be an update on your Tumblr or Tumblr mobile that allows the “Keep reading” option now because that has always been a feature on the Imagine Loki page regarding our stories but most phones and some tablets never actually allowed the function and having an issue with it allowing you to keep reading. I use the laptop and it has the “read more” option and allows me to get to the full story as per usual. 

I checked the tags on them as well and the tags are as they are supposed to be. I would say, be careful with Packless Monster and Monsters, sometimes Tumblr can be very pedantic on that. But both are correctly tagged. 

I genuinely cannot see how there would be issue in that manner. Are other people getting the same issue, we had a time about 2 months ago where the “read more” option was acting up, is it the same again, maybe? Kind followers, is anyone else having issue?

Anonymous: I’m having trouble the last chapters with Packless Monsters and Monsters and Magic.

In what way may I ask?

imagine Loki

imagine Loki is going to be the badass guy again. He joins the master of evil, you, his most loyal friend, will leave him because of your broken trust. Later if things are not going to well for him as he planed he will come to you to beg for forgiveness but it’s too late. You are already too broken to trust trust anyone.